Recommended Reading: The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love by Sonya Renee Taylor

Sometimes you read ideas that change how you see everything. It’s like another veil of lies has been lifted, and you see the world and yourself a little more clearly than you had moments before. Reading Sonya Renee Taylor’s The Body is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love was an on-going AHA moment for me.

Doesn’t matter how you feel about your body or other people’s bodies. You should read this book. What we need is more kindness, compassion, and social structures that help all bodies thrive and live to their fullest potentials. I’ve got a lot of anger about all the things that are wrong and terrible in this world, but I truly believe that what we need more of is love. Taylor helps us be bold enough to reach for love while showing us all the ways we’ve been tricked into hating ourselves and each other…and the ways we could do things differently.

From the Goodreads Description:

A global movement guided by love

Humans are a varied and divergent bunch with all manner of beliefs, morals, and bodies. Systems of oppression thrive off our inability to make peace with difference and injure the relationship we have with our own bodies.

The Body Is Not an Apology offers radical self-love as the balm to heal the wounds inflicted by these violent systems. World-renowned activist and poet Sonya Renee Taylor invites us to reconnect with the radical origins of our minds and bodies and celebrate our collective, enduring strength. As we awaken to our own indoctrinated body shame, we feel inspired to awaken others and to interrupt the systems that perpetuate body shame and oppression against all bodies. When we act from this truth on a global scale, we usher in the transformative opportunity of radical self-love, which is the opportunity for a more just, equitable, and compassionate world–for us all.

Get a copy. Read it. Get your friends copies. Talk about it. Live it.

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