Welcome to my horrific website I have created in order to put my stories and essays in one place for easy access. It occurs to me I have to put my name in here, or how will anyone ever find it? I don’t normally go putting my full name anywhere. Sigh. This is the author page for me, Harmony Neal. It will be a slow process of getting everything on here and fleshed out, but hey, I’ve got some stuff up. Please enjoy. Or don’t. Radical Freedom!

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I’m Teaching at The Loft this Fall

I’m teaching this half-day class at The Loft on October 28th for anyone interested in dark/weird/horror fiction. I personally engage in darkness to find the light, but the course takes a broad view of what horror is, what it’s for, and how it can be done. More Information at The Loft website. Something Wicked This … Continue reading I’m Teaching at The Loft this Fall

Shadows & Tall Trees 7 Reviews, Interviews, & Updates

I am trying to be better about website upkeeping. (I am bad at it.) There’s a new review up at This Is Horror. I’ll admit to being quite pleased with what was said about “The Triplets.” Tried to reblog V.H. Leslie’s post with pertinent links, but failed. Here’s a pasted excerpt: With stories from Malcolm … Continue reading Shadows & Tall Trees 7 Reviews, Interviews, & Updates

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