Welcome to my “web-site.” This is the author page for me, Harmony Neal. It will be a slow process of getting everything on here and fleshed out, but hey, I’ve got some stuff up. Please enjoy. Or don’t. Radical Freedom!

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2018 Minnesota Artist Initiative Grant

I’ve been awarded a grant! The official announcement: Harmony H. Neal, Northfield $  10,000 Neal will develop new models for storytelling that illustrate societies grounded in human flourishing, cooperation, and environmental sustainability. She will lead a Writers Resist: Women’s March on Literature event.

We Have Not Been Silent. Will You Listen?

ALL social justice problems are deeply interrelated and intertwined. You cannot liberate one group of people without liberating ALL people. And you cannot begin to understand the various forms of oppression all of us endure until you pick somewhere and get started, not by discussing “their problems” among “yourselves,” but by listening to what other … Continue reading We Have Not Been Silent. Will You Listen?

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