My Original Fiction: The Triplets

“The Triplets” originally appeared in Shadows & Tall Trees, Vol. 7 (March 2017) The Triplets Their mothers had been careful to conceive the girls under the same blue moon. Kaylee’s mother had heard from her sister-in-law, who had heard from her tennis partner, who had heard from her hairdresser that there was an old Chinese or … Continue reading My Original Fiction: The Triplets

I’m Teaching at The Loft this Fall

I'm teaching this half-day class at The Loft on October 28th for anyone interested in dark/weird/horror fiction. I personally engage in darkness to find the light, but the course takes a broad view of what horror is, what it's for, and how it can be done. More Information at The Loft website. Something Wicked This … Continue reading I’m Teaching at The Loft this Fall