No One Knows

what they are talking about most of the time. That’s fine. I’m the one who dove right into making this author site without bothering to learn much before I got started. Looks like I probably need to make these little posts on the regular, but maybe that is also a lie…

Basically, I think I need to focus on filling out the content of my static pages since the primary purpose of this site is so that people can find ALL of my writing in one place. Then maybe if I do make little posts, they will have something to do with my writing or the publishing of my writing or more about all the mistakes I make in a given day or perhaps they will focus on the on-going debate about who has bigger heads: witches or wizards?

(It’s wizards. I don’t think it should count as “a big head” if, you know, there is evidence that you’re actually good at things you feel good about. I would never claim to be good at designing websites. That’s for sure. Most wizards would simply assume they’d be great at designing websites. Wizards tend to assume they’d be great at anything, if they actually got around to trying. Witches know being good at websites or not isn’t really all that important. Witches also know the difference between being good at something and thinking you’d probably be good at something.)

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