The Woman Job: a chapter from Joanna Russ

For all Women and Allies:
A vital chapter from one of the most important books most people are likely to never read, since What Are We Fighting For? by Joanna Russ is currently out of print, a serious problem I am trying to rectify by contacting publishers.

This chapter, “Why We Women, Sloppy Creatures that We Are, Can Never Find Anything in Our Pocketbooks,” is on The Woman Job and contains facts, figures, and deep analysis drawn from many sources. Do you think much has changed, here or globally, since the 70s & 80s? Well, read it and find out.

I’ll tell you this. When my male partner started really trying to strive for housework parity by taking on ALL housework for awhile, it only took a few days for him declare, “It’s like it’s never DONE! The chores just go on forever!” And I laughed and laughed and laughed. Not meanly, not AT him, but I laughed and laughed and laughed. He’d had NO IDEA about the nature of housework!

I’ve scanned it into a PDF so that people everywhere can better understand the nature of “Women’s Work” and the oppression of women. Enjoy!

Joanna Russ The Woman Job

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