Recommended Viewing: A Wrinkle in Time

I chose that photo because to me it’s Mindy Kalig saying, “Uh, come on guys, what’s not to like? Why wouldn’t you give yourself this beautiful thing?”

I didn’t tell people to go see Black Panther, because I didn’t need to. Apparently, the haters are hating all over A Wrinkle in Time, and dang, that sucks. I’ve heard their criticisms and dismissed them all. They’re unhappy that it’s not the adaptation they would have preferred, and they miss so much of what is revolutionary and valuable in this film, and they frankly read several things wrong.

To be clear, so far, the tepid, insulting, and negative reviews I’ve seen have all been penned by white people who clearly have no clue just how important representation is. I think it’s pretty easy for them to criticize and scoff as people from places of privilege who can choose from thousands upon thousands of movies featuring people “like them.”

I LOVED A Wrinkle in Time. I teared up over and over, just like I did (and do) when watching Moana: because it’s so beautiful and wonderful. Because I wish these movies had existed when I was young, and because I’m so thrilled they exist now.

One reviewer said A Wrinkle in Time isn’t for cynics. You know what? I think it is. I think it’s for everybody, and that cynics should watch this film and try to open themselves up to possibilities of other ways of thinking and being and believing. I used to be a cynic. It’s a terrible existence of saying everything is terrible but there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Well, most things are terrible, but actually, there’s A LOT we can do about it when we try.

The Mrs are recruiting warriors, and I am one of them. I hope you’ll consider becoming one too, a fierce, magical, magic-loving warrior who wants to let the light in and make a beautiful world for everybody.

This version of Charles Wallace is EVERYTHING to me, and no critic can tell me he’s not important. He is beautiful and wonderful, and my favorite moment is when he’s sitting outside the principal’s office in the same pose James Baldwin sits in a photo on the wall. So many little details in this movie mattered so much, and I’m sorry that the white critics missed them all.


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