Teaching at The Loft this Spring: Through the Looking Glass: Write & Revise a Story in Six Weeks

I did this class once before, and it was fabulous! People had a great time and wrote cool stories. There’s NO PRESSURE! Such a relief! Sign up HERE.

We’ll go through the process of drafting and revising a short story with hands on exercises to help you practice elements of craft like piquing reader interest, specificity, setting, character, and plot. This class will teach you how to come up with ideas then execute your vision in revision.

Revision is 90% of the process. The stakes are nothing. This is a learning opportunity. We will have fun and play around with stories to expand our creativity while practicing concrete craft skills. Examples stories will be assigned each week that illustrate the element of craft we’ll focus on during class.

Writers of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or anything genre defying are welcome, as are writers of literary or other fiction looking to expand their craft.

Open to all levels. $5 photocopy fee.

Regular $210.00
Member $189.00
Low Income $147.00
March 17, 2020-April 21, 2020
6 p.m.-8 p.m.
Open Book-Loft Classroom
Number of Sessions
Day of the Week
6 Week

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