More On The Big Head Debate

It is totally worth pointing out that when I first started putting this site together, I deleted one million preinstalled widgets and also the “blog” portion. I had zero intentions of saying anything about anything that wasn’t simply linking to my stories and essays and maybe interviews I’ve done or will do or am doing. I was only putting everything together because sometimes people ask where they can read my stuff, and I’m always like, uh, I dunno google me? Add in “fiction” to the search? This does not go over well. So ok, fine, I was building a website, but I didn’t know all the things I didn’t know. I haven’t had a blog in a decade. I don’t even write nonfiction anymore. I’m tired of saying things to say things, but now I sort of have to, or do I? It’s a good question. I do not currently have the answer. Do you have a big head just because you want people to actually find the website you built specifically for them? Do I, gentle weirdo who is reading this silly posts, have a big head? You decide.

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