Recommended Reading: Circe by Madeline Miller

What has patriarchy done for us lately? Or ever? It's assumed by many that patriarchy benefits men at the expense of women, but feminists have long pointed out that patriarchy harms EVERYBODY, men included. As a feminist, I have a vested interest in telling truer versions of popular myths, and Madeline Miller's Circe does exactly … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Circe by Madeline Miller

New Story in Paper Darts Volume 7. Pre-order now!

I have a love love love love love relationship with Paper Darts. I love the art and prose they publish and their awesome website and awesome print issues, and they love my prose (yes, each of those "loves" was a link to a different piece of mine). Volume 7 has one of my newest stories … Continue reading New Story in Paper Darts Volume 7. Pre-order now!

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

  Today is the release date for Shadows & Tall Trees Vol. 7, where you can find my latest story, "The Triplets." My copies arrived Saturday. When my partner went to read the soft cover version, a spider watched him from the ceiling, threatening to drop on him at any second. He wondered if the … Continue reading These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

What’s Up With All the Unicorns?

Unicorns are awesome. I believe most aspects of our culture to be toxic and in favor of creating wealth for the rich while preventing most people from living fulfilling, meaningful lives. Human flourishing isn't a priority at all. In fact, in the past, major employers tested out shorter work hours and discovered that when people … Continue reading What’s Up With All the Unicorns?

What Kind of Witch Am I?

I can't really get into the reasons why this is a VITAL Question, but please, dear readers, comment below to say what kind of witch you think I am. If you know me in person, know me professionally, or only know my work, it's fine. Please, be honest and describe what sort of witch you … Continue reading What Kind of Witch Am I?

Another Dang Test

So these posts were all disappearing into the ether as I made more of them, so I tried to bring back the "blog" portion of the page, not that I wanted to call it a "blog." So now I'm trying to see if new posts will archive to the page I put back or not. … Continue reading Another Dang Test

More On The Big Head Debate

It is totally worth pointing out that when I first started putting this site together, I deleted one million preinstalled widgets and also the "blog" portion. I had zero intentions of saying anything about anything that wasn't simply linking to my stories and essays and maybe interviews I've done or will do or am doing. … Continue reading More On The Big Head Debate

A Big Head

It's occasionally suggested to me that I have a big head. This suggestion is usually offered by either my partner, who is a wizard, or occasionally by my best friend, who is also a wizard, and an editor. Wizards have a really big problem with barging into places, giant heads first, and declaring this and … Continue reading A Big Head