The Trial of Black Panther

I am super excited to have my novella “The Trial of Black Panther” up at The Fantasist. “The Trial of Black Panther” is the final story from my collection of linked stories: Real Life Superheroes: Crisis on Finite Earth. In it are many superheroes from many walks of life and backgrounds.
Before the whole world turned upside down, I was trying to write stories I’d want to read, stories with protagonists readers could identify with who weren’t the usual line up of a bunch of middle-class/rich, cis white dudes and white women OR a bunch of stereotypical characters of color or LGBTQ characters with the usual story-lines and issues mainstream publishing is willing to put in print for the edification of white cis people everywhere.
“The Trial of Black Panther” is particularly important to me because it’s in conversation with “The Trial of Thomas Builds-the-Fire” from Sherman Alexie which is in conversation with “The Trial” by Franz Kafka. It explores issues of our current police state and asks what each of us is personally obligated to do in times of crisis and what prevents us from doing the things we should do.

Read it here:

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