New Story in Paper Darts Volume 7. Pre-order now!

I have a love love love love love relationship with Paper Darts. I love the art and prose they publish and their awesome website and awesome print issues, and they love my prose (yes, each of those “loves” was a link to a different piece of mine). Volume 7 has one of my newest stories (slightly abridged for the print issue) “Headlines, Teasers, & Ads from Media in a Parallel World Where We Live Under Oppressive Matriarchy Instead of Oppressive Patriarchy.”  I think that’s my longest title ever, and well, you can guess what the story might be like. And yes, it’s FUNNY!

When Alyssa sent me the print layout, I did several back flips in my mind (my meatsack is out of shape), and squealed out loud. A lot. It’s gorgeous and perfect and exactly why I sent this story directly to Paper Darts and waited for them to get back to me instead of simultaneously submitting it anywhere else. I wanted this story in Paper Darts specifically, and now here it is! And bonus of bonuses, Alex Fukui illustrated my story, as he did before and thrilled me for “Where Are They Now?”

My story will also appear in the online version at a later date, but I wanted to give people a heads up about the special print issue. I mean, just look at the cover art by Laura Callaghan!!!!! (the featured image for this post.) Volume 6 sold out really fast, so if you like awesome, illustrated print journals with lots of cool original poetry, prose, and art, then get your copy today. It’s $15 + $5 shipping in the US and worth every cent to me! I just ordered a copy for my mom, even though I’m pretty sure the cover I love will make her feel different feelings…

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