Recommended Reading: The Core of the Sun by Johanna Sinisalo

So what if all the unspoken rules and expectations for women under patriarchy were instead codified into law? That’s the world Johanna Sinisalo imagined in The Core of the Sun, and I was completely blown away by this novel. I felt like it described exactly the world I was born into and must navigate. I felt like it described my life in a much truer way than “realism” ever could.

I also really loved the style of the writing, with passages from magazines for women, their textbooks, and the laws governing women. I laughed A LOT. I’ll admit I struggled with the first chapter, but I’m glad I kept reading. By the third chapter, I couldn’t put it down.

After reading The Core of the Sun, I also read The Blood of Angels and Troll: A Love Story, both well-worth reading, with The Blood of Angels taking second place in my heart because of the attention to other animals and the environment, because of the bees!

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