Recommended Viewing: Gentefied

Ok, so this just dropped on Netflix two days ago, and I already watched it all, then cried about how long I’ll have to wait for a new season. It’s got everything I want in a good story: fleshed out characters with diverse identities, overlapping problems, no easy solutions to anything under late capitalism in this settler-colonial state, where everything is a muddled mess and most people are being seriously harmed for the supposed benefit of the few.

Our liberation is tied together. I’ve been starving for this story, done this way, with characters speaking Español y English, as so many do. Don’t worry, there are English subtitles for those who don’t know Spanish.

I hope you’ll give the show a chance and ask yourself WHY are these things happening to these characters? Why is everything so hard and just getting harder? They put in the work. They’ve sacrificed and done all the “right” things we’re told to do in this country to have a good life, so how is it that everything is falling apart and so many people are ending up living in tents?

For a more in-depth look at certain aspects of the show, check out Arturo R García’s write up in The Guardian: “Foodie tourism and protests: LA’s gentrification battles play out in Netflix’s Gentefied.”

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