Recommended Reading: (H)afrocentric by Juliana “Jewels” Smith

My local library is small and a bit sad, with lots of empty shelves. But I looked around anyway, and while I couldn't find many novels of interest to me, I did pick up this Volume 1-4 collection of (H)afrocentric comics by Juliana "Jewels" Smith, illustrated by Ronald Nelson, out from PM Press. I sure … Continue reading Recommended Reading: (H)afrocentric by Juliana “Jewels” Smith

Recommended Viewing: Gentefied

Ok, so this just dropped on Netflix two days ago, and I already watched it all, then cried about how long I'll have to wait for a new season. It's got everything I want in a good story: fleshed out characters with diverse identities, overlapping problems, no easy solutions to anything under late capitalism in … Continue reading Recommended Viewing: Gentefied