Wired for Story Promotes White Supremacy: An Open Letter to Lisa Cron

I published this article on Medium today, but since they're capping at three articles a month, I'm posting it here too. Please share widely so we can put an end to White Supremacy and the pervasive "accidental racism" in our culture. It's no accident that most white people remain monumentally and inexcusably ignorant about racism … Continue reading Wired for Story Promotes White Supremacy: An Open Letter to Lisa Cron

An Open Letter to the Literary Community

An Open Letter to the Literary Community, American Letters are in crisis. With the recent election, I’ve seen our community struggle with all the things we got wrong. For decades, we’ve told young writers not to be “political” in their writing, which somehow transformed into “don’t write about anything important. Only write in ways that … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Literary Community

Top 25 Most Played

Originally appeared in Grist Journal Issue 6 (2013).   Top 25 Most Played You discovered this odd option on iTunes a few years back when you still lived in Illinois. iTunes had a preset playlist of your top 25 most played songs. You clicked and expected Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses, and The Pixies. You were … Continue reading Top 25 Most Played

Bethany Is Dead

This essay originally appeared in Yemasse Issue 19.2 (Spring/Summer 2012) Bethany Is Dead You can’t touch death. You can’t hold it in your arms. You can’t stroke it. It’s not a tree or a fork or a puppy. It’s like zero, which seems like a number, but isn’t really anything at all. It’s the air … Continue reading Bethany Is Dead

Another Dang Test

So these posts were all disappearing into the ether as I made more of them, so I tried to bring back the "blog" portion of the page, not that I wanted to call it a "blog." So now I'm trying to see if new posts will archive to the page I put back or not. … Continue reading Another Dang Test